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  • 26 Jan 1984




  • Status Released
  • Release date 26 Jan 1984


Raja, the son of lawyer "Tiger" Dayanidhi, is a playboy and womaniser from a rich family. Whenever he sets his eyes on a girl, he convinces her that he is madly in love with her, then abandons her after having a relationship with her. This becomes a routine for him. Radha is a girl from a middle-class family. Raja meets her, tries his techniques to impress her, and succeeds. Radha loves him and yields to his advances for a physical relationship.

When Radha realises she has become pregnant, she requests Raja to marry her, but he writes off their relationship. Much against her parents' suggestion to get an abortion, Radha decides to have the child and tells them that she wants to take Raja to court and prove he has fathered her child. She leaves home and meets Sakunthala, a leading lawyer who works for women's rights.

Sakunthala's story is similar to that of Radha: she had been Dayanidhi's lover. When she had become pregnant, he had deserted her, and she had given birth to an illegitimate daughter. Sakunthala does not want history to repeat itself and drags Raja to the court on Radha's behalf. Dayanidhi fights for his son, but Sakunthala wins the case. The court declares that Raja is the father of Radha's child but leaves the decision marriage to them.

While meeting the media after winning the case, Radha states that her intention was to get legitimacy for her child. She declares that she is satisfied with the court's verdict and has decided to be on her own. Meanwhile, Sakunthala gets a heart attack, and before dying, she hands over her daughter in Radha's care.

Years later, Raja and his wife, married for some years and childless, run into Radha. It turns out that she has been raising her son named Suresh all by herself, and he has turned out to be a talented and well-adjusted smart boy.

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