Kadalora Kavithaigal poster

Kadalora Kavithaigal

  • 05 Jul 1986

Based in a coastal sea village, Muttam in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, Chinnappa Das is a ruffian who has a prison record and returns to his village after serving his prison term. He is persuaded by his maternal uncle's daughter Gangamma to marry him. In one of his encounters at an elementary school, he meets a lady school teacher Jennifer who gives a sound scolding on how ignorant fools behave.

There is an element of purity in Das's heart which the school teacher could identify, this transforms his life forever. Set in a coastal milieu, the duo often meet on the beach, amidst sunlit sea and splashing waves on the rocks. In a sequence, Das makes the teacher stand alone atop a seaside hillock, Das from down below on the sands announces aloud to her that "you are my God".,it is eventual that teacher developed a feelings for das on the other side teacher's family want her to marry an acquaintance of her family which would lead to a drama of emotions

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