Aadi Velli poster

Aadi Velli

  • 02 Feb 1990
  • 160 minutes




  • Status Released
  • Release date 02 Feb 1990
  • Running time 160 minutes


Aadi Velli (a Friday on one of the months as per Tamil Calendar) is a Tamil devotional movie in which a snake and an elephant plays key roles, assisting heroine to over come the attacks posed by her villainous husband.

The story revolves around a beautiful village girl Seetha who is living with an elephant and a cobra who obey only to her. She is very much attracted and attached to the local village deity and she lives in nearby area around the temple. Then comes the villain Nizhalgal Ravi who wants to abduct all the wealth of the temple. He meets Seetha and was attracted to her at the first sight. He befriends her and makes her to love him too under circumstances but always disliked by the elephant and cobra. Very soon Seetha realizes that her husband is a thief and shocked. Meanwhile, Nizhalgal Ravi along with his computer genius friend plots several attempts to plunder the jewels and precious items from the temple but goes all in vain, saved by the duo. In the climax, the genius friend builds a devil creature called using his computer to loot the temple. The cobra, by the deity's blessing takes the size of huge anaconda and charges against King Kattari. Meanwhile, during the fight Nizhalgal Ravi realizes his friend plans to loot all properties himself and kill him. Finally the cobra bites the devil and kills him, which in turn kills the computer genius through electro-envenomation.

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