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Pathimoonam Number Veedu

  • 15 Jun 1990
  • 1h 50m
  • Horror
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 15 Jun 1990
  • Running time 1h 50m
  • Genres Horror


Selvam (Nizhalgal Ravi), an estate manager, and his family move into a new house based in a remote village. There, Selvam falls in love with Annam (Sadhana), a jolly village girl. Disturbed by a ghost (Lalitha Kumari), Selvam's grandfather dies from a heart attack. One day, Murali (Jaishankar), Selvam's brother, goes to an isolated home and treats an old lady. The next day, he realizes that the old lady was a ghost and he also dies from a heart attack. The family, in mourning, decides to arrange Selvam's wedding with Annam to forget this tragedy. Thereafter, Annam becomes pregnant but even after 10 months, she doesn't deliver. A Gurukkal (Ra. Sankaran) comes to the aid of the family and he feels that something has stopped her delivery. He prepares a ritual and the ghost finally appears and tells him about her past.

The ghost was the young woman named Rekha. She lived happily with her husband (Ravikanth) but her husband had a lot of bad habits and also had a lot of debts. Under pressures, he forced his wife Rekha to have a sexual relationship with the house owner. She refused and killed the house owner. Afterwards, her angry husband killed her in turn. She then became a ghost and killed her husband. Since that day, she killed every male who stayed in the house.

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