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Vetri Padigal

  • 15 Mar 1991
  • 0m
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 15 Mar 1991
  • Running time 0m


Ramki, Nirosha, Sarathkumar, Srividya, V. K. Ramasamy, Janagaraj, Vinu Chakravarthy, Thyagu, Kitty, Disco Shanti, Jai Ganesh

A robbery gang terrorized the state of Tamil Nadu. The police officer Mahesh (Ramki) is charged to dismantle the gang. Mahesh lives with his widowed blind sister Vidya (Srividya), and his niece Anu. The reporter Vimala (Nirosha) compels Mahesh for an interview, but he refuses. She later finds herself swooning over his investigative intellect. They later fall in love with each other. Guruji (R. Sarathkumar), the local gang-buster, then becomes discomposed with Mahesh for falling in love with Vimala, his ex-fiancé.

In the past, Mahesh was a happy-go-lucky and immature youth. Furthermore, Mahesh hated the police while his brother-in-law, a police officer, was in charge to catch the robbery gang. His brother-in-law was later killed in a bomb blast, and his sister became blind. To take revenge, Mahesh became a police officer. The rest of the story is about how Mahesh catches the robbery gang and its leader Guruji.

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