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Kannukku Kannaga

  • 26 Oct 2000
  • 2h 10m
  • Drama
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Kannukku Kannaga is a 2000 Indian Tamil-language film directed by S. Dhayalan. It stars Murali, Devayani, Vindhya, and Raja




  • Status Released
  • Release date 26 Oct 2000
  • Running time 2h 10m
  • Genres Drama


Dharma (Murali) and Devi (Devayani) are siblings. Although Devi is in love with Arun (Raja), she cannot marry him because an astrologer (Charuhasan) predicted that a son born to them would result in the Dharma's death, but Dharma still accepts their marriage.

A few months later, Devi gives birth to Vijay (Master Vasanth), which triggers Dharma's death count. To save Dharma, Vijay must die, so Devi and Vijay poison themselves while Dharma is sleeping. Vijay records this on a tape and places it near Dharma, who listens to the tape and searches for them. While looking for Devi and Vijay, Dharma is hit by an arrow. He finds Vijay and Devi and takes them to the hospital to save their lives. Both Vijay and Devi are saved, but Dharma's condition becomes critical. His heart stops, but the doctors manage to resuscitate him with CPR.

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