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Kadhal Azhivathillai

  • 04 Nov 2002
  • 3h 0m
  • Action, Comedy, Romance
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Kadhal Azhivathillai is a 2002 Indian Tamil romantic action film written and directed by T. Rajendar, who also composed the music and portrayed a supporting role as Vakkeel Dada. It stars his son Silambarasan (his debut as a lead actor) and Charmi. The movie got mixed reviews but performed well at the box office. The film was released in Telugu as Kurrodochadu with local actors





  • Status Released
  • Release date 04 Nov 2002
  • Running time 3h 0m
  • Genres Action, Comedy, Romance


Simbhu is elected college chairman after he beats Charmi, the daughter of Ravishankar, a minister. Predictably, the two soon fall for each other, though they never directly reveal it. But when Ravishankar learns of the love affair, he is staunchly against it and is willing to go any distance to make sure that it never succeeds. At Simbhu's house, his father mentally harasses his wife, since he suspects her of having an affair with her ex-lover. Outside the home, Simbhu is helped by Vakkeel Dada, a lawyer who makes sure justice is served, whatever the means.


The movie deals with the oldest of stories – the poor boy-rich girl love story – and makes no attempts to treat it in a different way or in an interesting manner. It follows the typical sequence of events in such stories. We have the initial enmity between Simbhu and Charmi, the gradual thawing of the icy relationship between the two, the idiot suitor who Charmi's parents want her to marry, her family's horror on finding out about her romance, their attempts to kill it, and of course, the lovers' strong refusal to give up their love against all the opposition. There is no deviation from this at any point, and as a result, we can predict with great accuracy what would happen next in the story. In the end, Charmi is married to Simbhu.


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