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Ammuvagiya Naan

  • 02 Sep 2007
  • 2h 2m
  • Family
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Ammuvagiya Naan is a 2007 Tamil drama film directed by Padmamagan starring R. Parthiepan and Bharathi. The film released in September 2007 and became a Hit.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 02 Sep 2007
  • Running time 2h 2m
  • Genres Family


The film revolves around Ammu (Bharathi), an orphan brought up in a prostitute's house. Brought up in such atmosphere, she develops a fascination for the world's oldest profession. She comes across a writer Gowrishankar (R. Parthiepan), who comes to her place to pen a novel on the life of a commercial sex worker. Her childlike innocence wins over Gowrishankar's heart. He decides to marry her. Gowrishankar's love and care brings a change in Ammu. She understands the value of family and the bond of togetherness. Gowrishankar completes his novel Ammuvagya Naan and hopes for a national award for it. Fate pays a cruel act in the form of a president of a literary association (Mahadevan). He bargains for a night with Ammu to ensure the national award for Amuvagiya Naan. Eventually, Ammu kills the president.


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