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Kadhalil Vizhunthen

  • 26 Sep 2008
  • 3h 8m
  • Action, Romance, Thriller
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Kadhalil Vizhunthen is a 2008 Indian Tamil romantic thriller film written and directed by P. V. Prasath starring Nakul and Sunaina. The film has music by Vijay Antony, cinematography by S.D. Vijay Milton and editing by V. T. Vijayan. The shooting for the film started in August 2007 and the film was released in September 2008.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 26 Sep 2008
  • Running time 3h 8m
  • Genres Action, Romance, Thriller


The story focuses on the life of Sabhapathy. He is the football-crazy son of an alcoholic and lives in the slums. However, he lives a comfortable life and plays football with his mates as he completes his college career. He meets Meera and develops a liking for her. He slowly starts to love her but is afraid to express his love since she is rich and would react hastily. However, he later does confirm his love to her, and she accepts. When Sabha leaves for a football match with his college, he promises he will propose to her as soon as he gets back. Sabha returns from his match to only find out that Meera has died. Sabhapathy slips into a psychotic depression, travelling with Meera's dead body. This peculiar behaviour of Sabapathy who thinks Meera is alive is validated. A doctor shows the inspector a wildlife documentary in which a monkey continues to nurse it's dead offspring . The doctor further attributes this behaviour unconditional love which to some people makes people ignore reality and live in the past. This documentary forms the crux of the entire movie. To make matters even worse, the police are after Sabhapathy. The climax of the movie shows Sabhapathy commits suicide after killing Meera's uncle Kasirajan, who murdered her in order to gain her wealth. The film ends with Sabhapathy and Meera's souls are united and the two lovers will never be separated, even in death.

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