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Kozhi Koovuthu

  • 28 Dec 2012
  • 2h 21m
  • Drama
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Kozhi Koovuthu is a 2012 Indian film directed by K I Ranjith. The film features Ashok alongside Shija Rose, Bose Venkat and Rohini.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 28 Dec 2012
  • Running time 2h 21m
  • Genres Drama


Kumaresan (Ashok) and his gang of friends go around villages selling chickens. They con the simple villagers into believing that the common chickens they sell are imported breeds. The whole group is happy-go-lucky, and they do not worry much about the future. Thulasi (Shija Rose), who is living at her aunt's house after moving away from her father, buys two chicks from Kumaresan. When they end up dead the next day, she corners him and demands an explanation. Kumaresan gives two more chicks as replacement. Later, when a group of villagers tie up Kumaresan and beat him for cheating them by selling them sick chicken, Thulasi saves him from the group. On learning of Kumaresan's family and the hardships that he has faced, she develops a soft corner for him. In due course, this turns to love. Just as everything is progressing smoothly, Thulasi's ruffian uncle whisks her off to her native village for a festival, which later forms the crux of the story.


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