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  • 22 Oct 2014
  • 2h 34m
  • Action, Drama
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 22 Oct 2014
  • Running time 2h 34m
  • Genres Action, Drama


Vasudevan "Vasu" is a Coimbatore-based moneylender and the heir to the Kovai Group, a cloth manufacturing company, until he was disowned by his mother and matriarch of his joint family Rajalakshmi due to some misunderstanding. He meets a rich girl named Divya at a mall and become friends. However, Divya rejects his proposal due to status-issues, but later falls for his humble nature. One day, Vasu saves the ASP of Coimbatore District Sivakkozhundhu and his wife from a group of thugs who work for Anna Thandavam, a Pollachi-based businessman and hitman who frequently hires the North Indian killers to kill anyone to acquire their land and money.

As Sivakkozhundhu was transferred to Coimbatore from Tirunelveli to investigate Anna Thandavam's client case, The latter had planned to kill him. Anna Thandavam also plans to illegally grab land sold to a village temple by Vasu's late father Rathnaswamy. When the land is formally sold to the temple, an irate Anna Thandavam's orders his henchman to assault Vasu's uncle Ramaswamy, following which Vasu (having reconciled with his family) beats the henchman in retaliation and breaks his hand and also fights Anna Thandavam where he thrashes him in full view of the public.

Assisted by Sivakkozhundhu and Divya, Vasu subdues Anna Thandavam's henchmen Sundaram and thwarts the attempts by Anna Thandavam to destroy his family. Vasu manages to arrest the North Indian killers leading to Anna Thandavam's arrest warrant being issued. However, Anna Thandavam's second wife kills Rajalakshmi during the temple festival with a venomous knife. Vasu, learning of Rajalakshmi's death, rushes to Patna, where Anna Thandavam is hiding and kills Anna Thandavam's friend and contract killer Rai Bahadur, along with his henchman and fights with Anna Thandavam, where Vasu brutally kills him, avenging Rajalakshmi's death and arrives back home to mourn Rajalakshmi's death with his family.


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