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Uppu Karuvaadu

  • U
  • 27 Nov 2015
  • 0m
  • Comedy, Drama
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  • Status Released
  • Certificate U
  • Release date 27 Nov 2015
  • Running time 0m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama


Chandran (Karunakaran) is an aspiring filmmaker and is accompanied by his friends Ilango (Chaams) and Karthik (Narayan Lucky), who assist him in preparing the scripts and screenplays. Jagan (Sathish Krishnan), another friend of Chandran, is an aspiring actor and has been decided as the hero of Chandran's script. However, Chandran does not find a suitable producer and struggles to do so. Uma (Rachitha Mahalakshmi) happens to be Chandran's close friend and keeps him motivated.

Chandran comes across Stephen Raj (Doubt Senthil), who is also an aspiring director, and befriends him. Chandran meets Jayaraman (M. S. Bhaskar), a rich and influential man in Chennai. Jayaraman gets impressed by the script and decides to bankroll the project but on a condition that his only daughter Mahalakshmi (Nandita) should be cast as the heroine, for which Chandran and his friends agree. Manja (Elango Kumaravel) works for Jayaraman and accompanies Chandran and his friends when they keep working on the screenplay. Post some rehearsal, Chandran understands that Mahalakshmi could never emote or act well and worries for accepting to cast her as the heroine of his movie. However, he does not want to lose an opportunity to direct the movie and decides to compromise.

Chinnavar (G. Marimuthu) is the half-brother of Jayaraman, and enmity prevails between them. Chinnavar warn Chandran and his friends to drop the project and move away, for which they do not agree. Chandran shares his feelings with Uma, and slowly, love blossoms between them. Chandran also feels that Uma would be the best fit for his script as the lead actress; however, he does not have the courage to inform this to Jayaraman. On the day of the first shoot, to everyone's surprise, Mahalakshmi elopes with Stephen. Jayaraman gets upset and drops his plan of moviemaking. Chandran and his friends feel devastated.

Manja now reveals that he knew before that Mahalakshmi is in love with Stephen and it was him who insisted Mahalakshmi to elope with Stephen. Manja advices Chandran that Mahalakshmi is a big miscast for his script and the movie would have been a box office bomb in case if they cast her. So, for the sake of saving Chandran's script, Manja manipulated Mahalakshmi to elope with Stephen. Chandran thanks Manja; however, he worries that an opportunity is lost.

Now comes Chinnavar, who requests Chandran to make the same movie for him but on a condition that his son should be cast as the hero. Chandran gets skeptical again, but Manja informs that Chinnavar's son has good acting skills. Chandran agrees, and Uma is cast as the female lead. In the end credits, it is shown that the movie becomes a blockbuster and all gets well settled in life. Also, Chandran marries Uma.

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