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  • 10 May 2019
  • 2h 18m
  • Action, Thriller
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Kee is an Indian Tamil science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Kalees and produced by Michael Rayappan. The film stars Jiiva in the lead role, while Nikki Galrani and Anaika Soti portray the leading female roles.The equally important villain role is done by Govind Padmasoorya. Featuring music composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 10 May 2019
  • Running time 2h 18m
  • Genres Action, Thriller


Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti, RJ Balaji, Govind Padmasoorya, Rajendra Prasad
Nagooran Ramachandran
Action, Thriller

Siddharth (Jiiva) is a hacker who is blessed with a happy family life, which includes his father Ganeshwara Rao (Rajendra Prasad) and mother Valli (Suhasini). One day when he goes to college; he meets a girl named Diya (Nikki Galrani). However, an unexpected incident happens in leads him to another hacker named Shivam (Govind Padmasoorya), who knows that Siddharth is the only one who can hack their illegal hacking system. Enraged with this knowledge, Shivam sends men to kill Siddharth, who is saved by his father, who gets caught in the crossfire. Eventually, Siddharth finds the culprit behind the attack on his father whilst also learning the reason for his friend's suicide. As Siddharth looks for Shivam, he gets a statement that his girlfriend has been kidnapped. Eventually, through some clues, Siddharth finds the kidnapper and saves his girlfriend. Shivam is then killed by dry ice bombs. In the end credits scene in New York, a masked person hacks Siddharth's phone and calls him, claiming that Shivam will not die as he is immortal.


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