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  • 05 Jul 2019
  • 2h 14m
  • Drama
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Raatchasi is a 2019 Indian Tamil drama film, written and directed by Sy. Gowthamraj and produced by S. R. Prakashbabu and S. R. Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures. This film stars Jyothika in lead role and Hareesh Peradi in main supporting role.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 05 Jul 2019
  • Running time 2h 14m
  • Genres Drama


The film is about a headmistress (Jyothika) who converts a poorly run school into one of the best in the state. Lieutenant Colonel Geeta Rani is a trainer for new recruits in Indian Army. When she gets to know about a poorly functioning government school, Geeta Rani decides to take up the position of the school's headmistress to improve its state.

Upon arriving at the village, Geeta Rani hears people talking ill about the school, so she gradually makes new positive changes in the school. In this process, she makes a few friends and many enemies, including the local MLA of the village. The majority of the film focuses on how Geeta Rani tries to change the state of the school and makes it one of the best schools in the state.


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