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  • 30 Aug 2019
  • 2h 50m
  • Action, Thriller
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Saaho is a 2019 Indian action thriller film written and directed by Sujeeth. It is produced by Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapati and Bhushan Kumar under their respective banners of UV Creations and T-Series. The film stars Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, and has been shot simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Marking Prabhas' debut in Hindi and Shraddha Kapoor's debut in South Indian cinema, the film has been produced with a budget of 350 crore. It has been shot with IMAX cameras.

The film was theatrically released in India in single screens and IMAX on 30 August 2019.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 30 Aug 2019
  • Running time 2h 50m
  • Genres Action, Thriller


Narantak Roy is an influential businessman and the leader of Roy Group, a corporate company which is the government of Waaji City, a fictional metropolitan city. One day, when Roy visits Mumbai for a business deal, he gets killed in a deliberate car crash. Devraj, the son of Roy's partner Pruthviraj, plans to declare himself as the next leader of Waaji City. Ibrahim, Roy's most trusted subordinate, reveals to Kalki, the legal advisor of the Roy Group, that Roy's family has been killed for decades, and has been hiding a secret for 25 years. The secret was that he had a son named Vishwank Roy. Vishwank foils Devraj's plans by succeeding his father as the next boss. Vishwank is determined to unmask his father's murderer.

In Mumbai, a mastermind steals ₹2000 crore ($284 million)[b] with ease. Since he used random, unrelated people to rob the money who were unaware of their assistance in the robbery, it was proved near impossible to identify the culprit. A nationwide search ensues to find the culprit. Ashok Chakravarthy, a secret agent is assigned to head the search for the culprit with the help of crime branch officers Amritha Nair, Goswami, and David. They uncover a thief named Jai. Ashok meets Jai in a bar and the latter reveals the information on the black box – the key to the locker holding ₹2000 crore ($284 million) of all the board members of Roy's group located in Waaji City. Kalki, on Vishwank's command, travels to Mumbai and retrieves the black box, and deposits it in a bank.

During these incidents, Amritha and Ashok fall in love. After an intense chase to catch Jai red-handedly stealing the box, Amritha, Ashok and David (the official police hacker) confront Jai. However, It is revealed that the thief "Jai" is the real covert operative Ashok Chakravarthy all along. The lead officer, who had been with the team is actually Saaho, who is the thief. Saaho escapes with his partner David, who helped him disguise his identity in the entire operation. It is revealed that Devraj had killed Roy to usurp the city. Amritha tracks Saaho and pretends to be in love with him and wants a share in the robbed amount, but is working as a double agent for Ashok. However, she soon falls for Saaho in the process and betrays Ashok.

When Amritha is shot and kidnapped by Devraj, Saaho is forced to give him the black box. However, he deceives Devraj and gives the black box to Vishwank in return for Amritha's safety. Saaho destroys Devraj's building and steals the money in Devraj's lockers. He is chased by Ashok and the police, with a sniper in a helicopter aiming at him and a person in a jetpack chasing him. Saaho overpowers his opponent. Amritha, also in the helicopter, tries to save Saaho by distracting the sniper, but the sniper pushes her into danger. Saaho saves her with a jet pack but is arrested. Kalki is revealed to be on Devaraj's side. She opens the vault with Vishwank's fingerprint and the black box and finds pictures of Roy and his son, instead of the money. Saaho battles Devraj's goons in Karana village (a village previously protected by Roy) and defeats them.

Devraj arrives, and Saaho declares that he is Siddharth Nandan Saaho, Roy's original son, having camouflaged himself until then to seek vengeance for Roy's death. Kalki is shocked after seeing the portrait of Roy and Saaho. Saaho kills Devraj, Shinde, Prince and Kalki and successfully avenges his father's death. Ibrahim reveals to the board members of the syndicate that Vishwank was not in fact Roy's son, but Ibrahim's own son; his real name is Iqbal, and he was brought in to save Roy's throne. He reveals Saaho's real identity to the members, and Saaho becomes the next ruler of Waaji City. Months later, Saaho locates Amritha in Innsbruck, Austria and proposes to her, which she accepts. An assassin aims at Saaho to assassinate him. He opens his eyes, aware of the danger in the distance.


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