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  • U/A
  • 24 Jun 2022
  • 2h 0m
  • Drama
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Vezham is a romantic thriller film written and directed by Sandeep Shyam. Produced by K4 Kreations, the film stars Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, and Iswarya Menon in lead roles. Jhanu Chanthar is the music composer of this film who is primarily a guitarist who has played for many composers and a part in various music bands. Cinematographer George C. William’s associate Shakthi Aravind is the cinematographer of the movie.

Ashok Selvan has played the character of an innocent youngster who leads a peaceful life and when a tragedy creates turmoil in his life, the film explores different shades of his character. Janani Iyer plays a writer in the film while Iswarya Menon plays the role of a girl from an elite background based in Ooty.





  • Status Released
  • Certificate U/A
  • Release date 24 Jun 2022
  • Running time 2h 0m
  • Genres Drama


Vezham begins with a series of murders in the Nilgiri Hills. The killing pattern points towards a serial killer on the loose. From there, we randomly move to a romantic song featuring the lead pair, Ashok (Ashok Selvan) and Leena (Iswarya Menon), who share lovely moments in the misty hills. On their way back through the woods, they are attacked. Five years after this horrific incident, Ashok is still reeling in trauma of being the only survivor of the attack. His only purpose in life is to find the killer. Ashok visits Ooty and stumbles upon killer brothers. Before killing them both, Ashok learns about a contract killer Kaasi, but Kaasi also turns out dead. Ashok persists and finds out that Francis was involved somehow. Ashok confronts Francis and comes to know that Leena kills the rapist of her maid in fit of rage. He turns out to be the minister’s son, who arrange for the contract killing of Leena as a revenge. Ashok goes on a murder spree and kills all of them. Finally Ashok gets to know that all these were orchestrated by Francis to usurp Leena’s wealth and that Leena is in fact alive, married and has a kid. Ashok finally murders Francis too.


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