Theerpugal Thiruththapadalam poster

Theerpugal Thiruththapadalam

  • 1982
  • 125 min

Rajesh is a legal advisor of a company. His wife Radha is possessive and argues with her husband. She suspects her husband Rajesh having affair with his staff. Radha has a habit, whereby she sleeps off after her anger or argues with Rajesh. Rajesh further consults with his doctor, that Radha could be possessive towards Rajesh and request him to visit the clinic the day after. Rajesh returns home, and found, Radha was sleeping. He is shocked to find a man named Lawrence a businessman dead in his house. Rajesh disposes of the body by pushing off in Lawrence's car from a cliff.

Rajesh returns home. He inquires generally about any visitor who came by to their house. However, Radha cannot remember things happen after she woke up. Rajesh learns from a newspaper that police suspect foul play in Lawrence's death. He visits Lawrence's shop and learns from salesman Kamal that Lawrence is a womaniser. Kamal further tells Rajesh that Lawrence's wife often visits Lawrence's office and argues with him. Rajesh admits Radha to a sanatorium regarding Radha's health issues.

The police begin their investigation. They suspect Sheila. However, due to guilt feeling, Rajesh rescues Sheila by giving false witnesses and saves her. After few days, the moneylender asks for payment to her deceased husband Lawrence's huge debts. She informs Rajesh that both Radha and Lawrence are having affair. Rajesh at first, does not believe the affair. Sheila blackmails emotionally Rajesh. Rajesh borrows money from his father in law and gives to Sheila so as not to reveal this matter. Police secretly observing Rajesh and Sheila. The rest of the plot has some events leading to suspicious and revealing the mystery at the end.

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