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Ilamai Kaalangal

  • 19 Aug 1983
  • 2h 0m
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 19 Aug 1983
  • Running time 2h 0m


Rosie and Raghu are college mates that fall in love. Rosie's father, Inspector David, is aware of their love. He approves but requests the couple to focus on their education first and foremost. Raghu's parents expect him to marry Meera. Raghu's friends and fellow college students, Kannan, Jana and two others gang rape a young woman that ran away from home with her boyfriend. The young couple commit suicide and Inspector David finds clues to tie students from the college to the crime. To distract from the investigation, the rapists arrange for a college strike using Raghu as an excuse. The strike turns violent and Kannan kills Inspector David. Rosie dumps Raghu as she thinks he started the strike. She eventually gets a job working for Kannan who pursues her romantically. Jana loses his mind with guilt and wanders the streets. Raghu is withdrawn and depressed. Raghu's father insists he marry Meera or leave the house. Raghu chooses to leave and struggles to make ends meet. Kannan, Raghu and Rosie's paths cross continually until a culminating event forces a confrontation.

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