Veetula Raman Veliyila Krishnan poster

Veetula Raman Veliyila Krishnan

  • 13 Jun 1983
  • 128 minutes

Rajasekar (Sivakumar) arrives in a small village as the government contractor to build a new road and is invited to stay at Kallapetti Singaram's home. His daughter Jayalakshmi (Raadhika), has a short temper and is initially upset at having to give up her room for the guest. She and Rajasekar eventually fall in love with the prodding of Jaya's neighbour Chitti (Suhasini). The two marry and move to the city where they rent a home from prominent businessman Subba Rao (M. R. Krishnamurthy). He's widely seen as a pious, generous man but that is an elaborate act. Subba Rao is a rapist and womaniser that uses his saintly image as a cloak to cover his misdeeds. Rajasekar and Jaya are generally very happy together but she often gets jealous of his friendships with women. Although he's never cheated, Rajasekar in turn teases her and feeds into Jaya's insecurities. Chitti runs away from the village with a man who claimed to be in loveR with her but has stolen her jewellery and abandoned her pregnant. Rajasekar runs into her in the city and arranges accommodations for her. He doesn't tell Jaya as he thinks she'll disapprove. Once she finds out, she is understanding of his good intentions but asks him to send Chitti home. He agrees but realises she would not be welcomed back and that she's too naïve to truly comprehend the enormity of her situation. Rajasekar asks Subba Rao to house Chitti until he can plan out a more permanent solution. Subba Rao attempts to take advantage of the situation by attempting to rape Chitti but is stopped by Rajasekar. He retaliates by spinning a tale of a torrid affair between Chitti and Rajasekar to Jaya. Given her doubts as well as Rajasekar's lies, Jaya believes this to be true and separates from him. Rajasekar now must overcome Subba Rao's machinations to reunite with Jaya and help Chitti find a good life.

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