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Annanagar Mudhal Theru

  • 14 Jan 1988
  • 2h 39m
  • Drama
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Sivaraman, unable to find a good job, joins a colony as a Gorkha identifying himself as Ramsingh. Ambika lives in the colony with her daughter. Ambika's husband works abroad. A police officer (Jaiganesh) comes to the colony along with his daughter Latha. Latha is none other than Sivaraman's ex-lover. A flashback is shown where Sivaraman and Latha are classmates and in love with each other. But Latha breaks up after a misunderstanding.

Seeing Latha after a long time, Sivaraman gets excited but Latha does not reciprocate. Ambika finds the real identity of Sivaraman and treats him with respect while other colony members ill treat him as he is just a security guard. The colony members also spreads rumour about Ambika having illegal affair with Sivaraman. Anand, a cunning guy lives in the colony and sets an eye on Latha but gets beaten up by Sivaraman. Now the colony members turn against Sivaraman. But Ambika comes for rescue. Latha also understands that Sivaraman is still in love with her and decides to patch up with him.

Ambika's husband comes from abroad. The colony members speak ill about Ambika to Prabhu. But Prabhu does not believe those and trusts Ambika. It is revealed that Ambika has already informed Prabhu about Sivaraman and Prabhu has also arranged him a job abroad. The movie ends on a positive note with Sivaraman and Latha uniting.

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