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Kan Simittum Neram

  • 13 Apr 1988
  • 2h 20m
  • Drama
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 13 Apr 1988
  • Running time 2h 20m
  • Genres Drama


The film begins with a man (Karthik) trying to kill Lakshmi (Ambika), but he missed his attempt and killed her aunt. While escaping, he met an accident and forgot everything. Since that day, the doctor Lakshmi took care of him. She didn't know about him so she named him Kannan. Inspector Sarath (R. Sarathkumar) investigated on the Lakshmi's aunt murder and Kannan's past.

Sarath then found a photo of Kannan and Lakshmi, he went to the photo's store to know the truth. A third person was involved in this affair. Sarath found him and the man revealed the truth. The man, Ravi, was in love with Vani (Kutty Padmini). Her father arranged a marriage to Vani, so Ravi did some photo-trick to stop the wedding. He produced a photo showing Vani's fiancé with a woman in wedding attire, the woman's photo was taken from a marriage mediator. The marriage was finally cancelled, therefore, Ravi and Vani got married. The inspector went to Vani's fiancé house, met his uncle who revealed that Raja has disappeared and he told him everything. Raja was a son of a pious small family and he worked for a company in the nearby town. A family came, saw Raja's sister and agreed to marry her. To pay the bride price, Raja accepted to marry Vani. A photo somehow came to the knowledge of Raja's sister's groom side and they stopped the marriage proposal. Raja's mother and sister committed suicide thinking that Raja has backstabbed them by marrying a woman. Raja came home, discovered the death of his family member and decided to get revenge on Lakshmi, the woman on the photo with him.

Inspector Sarath has orders to capture Raja. In the meantime, Lakshmi and Raja go to Ooty. Sarath calls her to prevent it but Lakshmi does not take it seriously. During playing Hide-and-seek, Raja falls and is knocked out. When he wakes up, his memory returns and he has the desire to kill Lakshmi. What transpires eventually is an interesting climax.

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