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Oruvar Vaazhum Aalayam

  • 25 Mar 1988
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Jeeva (Rahman) and Swaminathan (Prabhu) are friends who meet up by fate. Swaminathan hates women and does not respect them, but Jeeva respects women. The story then goes back to a village where Jeeva comes to learn carnatic music from Sivagurunathan (Sivakumar). Sivagurunathan does not accept to teach him music. Meanwhile, Jeeva loves Sarada (Raadhu), the daughter of Sivagurunathan. She is also pecked by the village headman. Sivagurunathan loses his belief in God and disrespects everyone he meets. A tragic story of him is revealed where he is married to Sivakami (Ambika), who is a dancer ignored by the village. She gives birth to Sarada and passes away as she is a heart patient, which was unknown to Sivagurunathan. He assumes that the cause of death for his wife was his own daughter. The only way to become his student is to sing a song sung by Sivakami, as suggested by Sarada. He accepts Jeeva as his student. At first, Sivagurunathan does not accept their love and then accepts when Sarada attempts suicide. Meanwhile, the village headman plans to kill Jeeva. Jeeva's father comes to speak of their marriage and insults Sivagurunathan. At that moment, he plans to marry Sarada to his servant's son Swaminathan. It takes time for them to get going in their life. Meanwhile, the village headman still pecks at Sarada. Sivagurunathan gives a concert for a lakh rupees and dies. Later Swaminathan suspects his wife of an affair with Jeeva, rumoured around the village. However, it is a devious plan hatched by the headman to manhandle Sarada. The movie ends with a reunion of the couple with Jeeva sacrificing his life in the fight with the village head.

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