Aarathi Edungadi poster

Aarathi Edungadi

  • 28 Jul 1990

Meera is treated like a servant and tortured by her stepmother, Shakunthula. Her only friend is the family maid, Annamma. Shakunthala and her brother Narajan want to keep Meera under their control as all the wealth is in her name. They plot to marry her off to an easily controllable man to ensure their wealthy lifestyles aren't impacted. Kannan enters the home while running away from the police. He is a prisoner on death row. Shakuntala arranges for Meera to marry Kannan as she would always have the threat of the police to control him. It is only after the marriage she realizes that Kannan isn't who he claimed to be and the entire family is thrown into turmoil. Police officer Shankara is also pulled into the proceedings as he begins to investigate the years old death of Meera's father. Meera navigates through all the confusion in search of a happy life.

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