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Vaigasi Poranthachu

  • 16 Nov 1990
  • 2h 20m
  • Drama
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Kumaresan (Prashanth) belongs to a poor Hindu family living with his mother Lakshmi (Sulakshana) and his grandmother (Kala). Kumaresan is a brilliant student but naughty at school. Along with his friends, he teases Ranjitha (Kavery) the daughter of Pandidhurai (K. Prabhakaran) the village head. A few months later, attracted by Kumaresan's wits & pranks Ranjitha falls in love with him. Pandidurai becomes insane knowing his daughter's love affair. His henchmen lock Kumaresan up, in Pandidhurai's house and lash him with a whip. Not able to stand this savage treatment on Kumaresan Ranjitha swoons. Ranjitha's mother Parvathi (K. R. Vijaya) helps her daughter to elope with Kumaresan. A massive hunt is launched by the village head & what happened to the young lovers is the rest of the story.

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