Thangaikku Oru Thalattu poster

Thangaikku Oru Thalattu

  • 23 Nov 1990
  • 120 minutes

Gopi (Arjun Sarja), a poor youth, lives with his mother (K. R. Vijaya) and his uncle Baba. J. M. J (Ramesh Raja) is a businessman who cheats and kills rich people. Arun (Delhi Ganesh), an honest journalist, is killed by J. M. J's henchmen. Prakash, who looks like Gopi, arrests an innocent young woman, Priya (Seetha). Janaki, Prakash's sister, is Priya's friend. Prakash believed that Priya was a prostitute but in a function, he knows her real identity and he apologizes to Priya. Priya becomes a journalist like her brother. With Arun's written and photos evidence, she investigates on J. M. J with Prakash's help. Janaki gets married, but she and her husband die in a car accident. Prakash arrests his sister's killer, but due to the finance minister's kidnapping, he has to release him. Later, he saves the finance minister without releasing his sister's killer. Gopi's uncle reveals to Gopi the truth. Gopi had a twin brother, and his father was killed by J. M. J. Gopi is kidnapped by J. M. J to spoil Prakash's police career. He manages to escape from there. Gopi's uncle also reveals to Prakash his past. Gopi and Prakash fight against J. M. J's henchmen. Gopi dies with J. M. J.

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