Eeramana Rojave poster

Eeramana Rojave

  • 12 Jan 1991
  • 139 minutes




  • Status Released
  • Release date 12 Jan 1991
  • Running time 139 minutes


Shanthi (Mohini) and Siva (Shiva) go to the same college and after some initial misunderstandings, fall in love. A psychotic fellow student, known as Helmet, tortures any couple he sees that are in love. He's sadistic and despises love. Shanthi's friend Anitha and her boyfriend Ravi are killed by Helmet. This spurs Shanthi to stand up against him. Helmet conspires to get Siva expelled as revenge and Shanthi, in turn, has Helmet arrested. Shanthi's rich father JK (Nassar) learns about his daughter's love and arranges her marriage with the son of his friend. The young couple run away with the help of Shanthi's grandmother (Srividya) but fall into Helmet's sadistic hands. The young couple must escape his clutches and change JK's mind.

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