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Pennin Manathai Thottu

  • 07 Jul 2000
  • 2h 45m
  • Musical
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Pennin Manathai Thottu is a 2000 Indian Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Ezhil. The film features Prabhu Deva and Jaya Seal in the lead roles, with Sarathkumar in a guest appearance. Produced by Kaja Mydeen, the film was released on 7 July 2000





  • Status Released
  • Release date 07 Jul 2000
  • Running time 2h 45m
  • Genres Musical


Sunil is one of the leading heart surgeons in India. He lives with Ganpat, who is also a doctor and is loved by everyone in the family. Sunitha arrives with a kid who has a heart problem to the hospital. But she is shocked seeing Sunil there and lashes out when she learns he is the doctor who is about to treat the kid.

The movie goes for a flashback. Sunil's brother Balaram is a thug but does not want his brother to follow his footsteps, therefore sends him away to study. Sunitha and Sunil are classmates in a medical college and they both fall in love. Sunil expresses his wish of marrying Sunitha to Bala, for which he accepts. Meanwhile, Sunitha goes back to her village for her sister's child's ear piercing ceremony. Her sister's husband is money-minded and tries to get Sunitha married to a rich man in return for money. Sunitha is not interested in this alliance as she is in love with Sunil and calls him, asking him to come and rescue her, but he doesn't come. Sunitha's sister commits suicide to stop the marriage. Sunitha is angered on Sunil as he didn't come to save her, which also resulted in her sister's death. Sunitha takes her sister's child and leaves.

Sunil tries to meet Sunitha and convey the reason for not coming to save her, but Sunitha is not ready to listen. Sunil is worried and decides to leave to Canada, accepting a job offer there. Finally, Sunitha understands the truth: her sister's husband had killed Bala on the day of the marriage; therefore, Sunil wasn't able to come on time to stop the wedding. Sunitha finds out and tries to find and stop Sunil, who is going to Canada. In the end, she finds him and they reunite.


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