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  • 24 Jun 2005
  • 2h 15m
  • Comedy
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Englishkaran is a 2005 Tamil masala comedy drama film. It stars Sathyaraj, Siva Balaji, and Madhumitha in the lead roles, while Namitha, Vadivelu and Santhanam play other supporting roles. "Englishkaran" with the tagline "Tamizh Vazhga" is a film from the hit combo from Sathyaraj and Shakthi Chidambaram whose earlier ventures "Ennamma Kannu" and "Maha Nadigan" were hits. Englishkaran also has humour, glamour, lots of puns and is based on a strong theme paced with whimsy humour. The film opened to positive reviews and was commercially successful at the box office.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 24 Jun 2005
  • Running time 2h 15m
  • Genres Comedy


The film starts with Thamizharasan (Sathyaraj), a reformist who enters a village with the intention to unite a couple and help a young girl named Sandhya (Madhumitha), who aspires to be a singer. Bala (Siva Balaji) is in love with Sandhya. Thamizharasan faces the anger of Sandhya's father (Dhandapani), a strong believer of older ideologies. Sandhya hates Thamizharasan, and the reason for that is told in a flashback, which starts with Thamizharasan's wife Maheswari (Namitha) aspiring to be a sports champion. Theepori Thirumugam (Vadivelu) is Maheswari's uncle. Thamizharasan helps her. Due to some family problems, Maheswari kills herself after making her husband promise to help her sister to become a popular singer. The rest of the film is how Thamizharasan fulfills Maheshwari's promise and helps unite Bala and Sandhya.[citation needed]

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