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Thalai Nagaram

  • 19 May 2006
  • 2h 28m
  • Family
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Thalai Nagaram is a 2006 Tamil drama film directed by Suraj. The film stars director Sundar C and Jyothimayi. This film was a low-budget production and the soundtrack was composed by D. Imman. This story is a tale of a man who sacrifices his life to kick out gangsters ruining others lives. It also stars Vadivelu, Prakash Raj and Bose Venkat among others. It enjoyed huge success. The soundtrack was a great hit and the song "Etho Nennukiren" charted at the top position for 1 week. It completed 100 days. It is a remake of the Priyadarshan-Mohanlal starrer Abhimanyu. It was remade in Kannada as Devru.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 19 May 2006
  • Running time 2h 28m
  • Genres Family


Subramaniam alias Right (Sundar C) is a rowdy in North Chennai. He runs a separate gang and also works as a sidekick and right-hand man to a big time Muslim don named Qaasim Bhai (Judo. K. K. Rathnam) who resides in North Chennai. Qaasim Bhai uses Right and his gang as professional killers whenever required. ACP Ravikumar (K. S. Ravikumar) believes in his own type of law by eliminating criminals instead of wasting time by the court and other procedures. Divya (Jyothimayi) a student, surprisingly enters into Right's life and takes shelter in his house. However, things change after she enters his life; both of them fall in love. At a situation, there arises a clash between Right and Qaasim Bhai. Right's friend Balu (Bose Venkat) kills Qaasim Bhai's son Nassir (Vikas Rishi) for ordering a trucker who rams a convoy which killed innocent children instead of only killing the intended target. Unfortunately, Balu is killed by Qaasim Bhai for killing Nassir. After seeing Balu's death, Right decides to change his lifestyle.

Parallel narration is the comedy track of Naai Shekar (Vadivelu), Divya's supposed uncle who wants to become a criminal.

For Right's surprise enters a corrupt ACP named Gopinath (Prakash Raj). He is on a hell bent quest to eradicate crime. He dislikes Right's attitude to leave the underworld and threatens Divya, who is molested in prison. After coming to know of this, Right decides to eliminate all of his foes once and for all. He hatches a plan and orders a sniper shooter (Vichu Vishwanath) to kill the police inspector of the station. He also orders a trucker (G. K.) and kills the lady inspector. Right kills Gopinath and then plans to kill Qaasim Bhai for Balu's death. Qassim Bhai arrives at the hotel, where he sees his wife Vaani's (Bhuvaneswari) wristwatch in the bedroom, which was previously gifted to him by the corrupt MLA (Delhi Ganesh). Qassim Bhai mistakenly kills the MLA for having an affair with Vani. Right then strangulates Qassim Bhai when he arrives at the basement to board his car. Finally, Right arrives at the dock for a getaway with Divya only to be killed by a battalion of police officers due to the betrayal by Sashi (Sashikumar), his own fellow gang member who mistakenly thinks that Right was behind his sister's suicide.


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