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  • 11 Apr 2008

Nepali is a Tamil film neo noir romantic psychological thriller film written and directed by V.Z.Durai. the featuring Ritwik Nepali as the lead character, Bharath and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles, released in 2008. Bharath plays three different roles in the movie. The film has music by Srikanth Deva and was shot in Ooty, Chennai and Hyderabad. The film was released on 10 April 2008. The movie was panned by the critics and bombed at the box office.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 11 Apr 2008


Nepali (Bharath) works in a supermarket. He kills a few people suddenly and leaves a clue along with the dead bodies. Gautham (Prem) is the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and he takes charge of the case. He tries to analyze the clues left behind by the murderer to find some solution to the case. Karthik (also Bharath) is a software engineer who leads a joyful life enjoying himself with his friends. One day, Karthik meets Priya (Meera Jasmine) in a showroom and immediately develops an attraction towards her. Priya also likes Karthik’s charming character, and they both fall in love. Meanwhile, there is a depressed convict (also Bharath) who has been jailed for some crime. The convict often tries to end his life by committing suicide but is saved by the jailer, and the police beats him for his activities.

Gautham cracks the clue left over by Nepali and guesses his next move of murdering a person. Gautham gets close to the murderer, but he escapes after murdering his target. Karthik and Priya decide to get married, although Priya’s parents are not interested in this alliance. Nevertheless, both get married and lead a life together. Suddenly Priya’s parents register a complaint against Karthik, accusing him of kidnapping their daughter. Corrupt Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashok (Raja Ravindra) comes to inquire about the case and understands that Karthik and Priya are true lovers.

Ashok gets attracted towards Priya and decides to have an illicit affair with her. Priya understands his motive and decides to stay away from him. Priya informs this to Karthik, which angers him, and goes to meet Ashok. When Karthik is away, Ashok comes to Priya’s home and tries to rape her. To save herself, Priya ends her life. Karthik gets furious seeing this, and he kills Ashok, for which he gets jailed.

Although the movie shows three parallel stories, now it is revealed to the audience that all three characters are the same person. The depressed convict is none other than Karthik. He decides to end his life many times in jail as he does not want to lead a life without his wife Priya but gets saved by the jailer and other policemen. In jail, Karthik meets a Nepali (Govind Namdeo), who has been arrested for voicing out against female harassment. The jailer, along with a few other policemen, kill the Nepali as per some big shot’s order, and they divert the case by mentioning that the Nepali had committed suicide .

Karthik now decides to get into the identity of Nepali and continue his activities. He escapes from jail, changes his looks to resemble a Nepali, and starts to kill people who molest girls. Gautham finds out that a Nepali is responsible for all the murders and warns him to surrender, for which he refuses. Karthik is on the way to kill his next target, during which he gets spotted by Gautham. A chase occurs between them, followed by a fight between Karthik and Gautham in an underground parking area.

Suddenly a gunshot is heard, after which Karthik runs out from the parking. But he is shocked to see the images of Priya and the Nepali in front of him. Karthik is confused and turns back to where he sees Gautham coming alive, along with Karthik's dead body. It is revealed that Gautham shot Karthik (the gunshot heard was from Gautham) and Karthik’s soul has ran out. It meets the souls of Priya and the Nepali and reunites with them in the heaven.

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