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  • 15 May 2009
  • 2h 23m
  • Thriller
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Sarvam is a 2009 Indian Tamil romantic thriller film co written and directed by Vishnuvardhan. It stars Arya and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles, while J. D. Chakravarthy, Prathap Pothan, and Indrajith play other prominent supporting roles. The film, which had been under production since late 2006, was produced and distributed by K. Karunamoorthy and C. Arunpandian under the banner of Ayngaran International Films. It was filmed by Nirav Shah and edited by Sreekar Prasad. The film score was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who composed the soundtrack as well, which was released on 14 February 2009, coinciding with Valentine's Day.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 15 May 2009
  • Running time 2h 23m
  • Genres Thriller


Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2009
Song: Neethane
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Best Playback Singer (Male)


The film opens with a fight between two individuals on a rainy night in a deep, dark forest. In the opening scene, a title card is presented with an Upanishad quote: "Death is just the beginning of another life".

Karthik (Arya) is a carefree architect who comes across Sandhya (Trisha), a pediatric doctor, in a go-kart race. Karthik immediately falls in love with Sandhya and wants to convince her to marry him. Karthik finds out several pieces of information about Sandhya and arranges a meeting by pretending that she had caused a car accident and damaged his car. When that approach fails, he goes to the hospital where Sandhya works, becoming a regular visitor there and making efforts to woo her. Sandhya, however, has other interests and shows no signs of reciprocating his love. She believes that Karthik is too carefree and not serious about life. One day, Sandhya's parents tell her about her to-be-fixed marriage. She finally recognizes that Karthik is the right match and slowly develops a deep love for him. She wholeheartedly agrees with the marriage.

Simultaneously, a morose mysterious man, Eashwar (J. D. Chakravarthy), always moving around with his Rottweiler dog, goes to see Naushad (Indrajith), a software engineer who happily lives with his eight-year-old son Imaan (Rohan Shiva). A few months ago, Naushad had hit and killed Eashwar's wife Gheetha (Anu Haasan) and son Naveen in a car crash. Eashwar, apparently mentally disturbed, keeps murmuring that his son has died and thinks that Naushad was planning to kill his family members. Eashwar keeps following Naushad, telling him that he will feel the same pain only when his own son dies. A workmate of Naushad informs him that Eashwar had visited him and requested information about Naushad and tells him to beware. He and his son escape to his friend's place near Elliot's Beach, Chennai.

Meanwhile, Karthik and Sandhya, who happily spend time together, are ready for marriage and make plans for the future. Karthik then suddenly asks Sandhya to postpone their marriage for a year. However, Sandhya persists on marrying at the earliest possible date. To solve this problem, they decide to hold a cycling race across a road in Elliot's Beach so that the winner may make the decision, which has to be accepted by the other person. At the same time, Imaan and his friend fly a kite on the terrace of Naushad's friend. Suddenly, Imaan faints and falls, which distracts the boys, and they let the kite fly away. Sandhya, who is ahead of Karthik and leading the race, rides straight into the kite thread, which cuts her neck, injuring her. She dies in the hospital from blood loss.

Six months later, Sandhya's father visits Karthik, who is devastated. Sandhya's father informs Karthik that even after death, Sandhya has saved the life of a child, since her heart has been transplanted into a boy, who happens to be Imaan. Karthik becomes emotional and is overjoyed that at least one part of his love is alive and goes to meet Naushad and Imaan. He finds out that they have left their home in Chennai and moved to Munnar in Kerala. He travels to Munnar to see them and feels happy again. Meanwhile, Eashwar, who had followed Karthik, arrives in Munnar as well, where he meets a car mechanic, Sajid, who used to play professional football with Eashwar and who allows Eashwar to stay at his home.

Karthik goes to see the father and son one last time before he returns to Chennai, when suddenly, a car hits Imaan. Karthik, who was just ready to go home, comes back and saves Imaan. Shocked by that incident, Karthik does not believe that it was merely an accident and wants the truth from Naushad, who has been admitted to the hospital after having been injured in the accident. Karthik then learns about Eashwar, who was the man in the car, and his intentions. Eashwar has bought the same car that killed his family and seeks revenge for their death by killing Imaan in return. Karthik decides to take Imaan to a nearby place where he had stayed before, promising Naushad that he will protect and look after Imaan.

Subsequently, Karthik tries to befriend Imaan, who dislikes him and wants to stay with his father. When they later go by car, Karthik and Eashwar encounter each other and Karthik finds himself threatened by Eashwar. It follows a cat and mouse chase where Eashwar wants to dispose of Karthik to get to Imaan and kill him. Sajid sees Eashwar chasing Karthik and offers to help by hiring people, who will kill both silently without mentioning Eashwar's and Sajid's names.

How Karthik protects Imaan and saves him from Eashwar as a tribute to Sandhya and his love forms the crux of the story.

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