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  • 30 Apr 2010
  • 2h 39m
  • Action
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 30 Apr 2010
  • Running time 2h 39m
  • Genres Action


Sura was born and brought up in YaazhNagar, a fisherman hamlet in coastal Tamil Nadu, in the company of his friend AmbarLa alias Umbrella. Meanwhile, he comes across young woman Poornima, who chooses to end her life, unable to cope up with the death of her pet dog Ramesh. Poornima is attracted to Sura, due to his good deeds and they fall for each other. Samuthira Raja / Sundaram is a cruel, greedy and corrupt minister, who wants to usurp Sura's hamlet to build a fair, but his attempts to usrup the hamlet are resisted by Sura. Sundaram hatches a conspiracy to bump off Sura with the help of his ministerial post and authority and sues him.

Sura takes them on single-handedly and destroys Sundaram's intention and helps his fishermen to regain their own houses. However, Sundaram is plotting revenge against Sura for usurping his money. He plants a bomb and Sundaram catches Sura. Sundaram reveals that he planted a bomb in Sura's hamlet. Sura tells that their hamlet's inauguration chief guest is actually Sundaram's wife, much to Sundaram's shock. Sundaram deactivates the bomb where he is killed by Sura, who Sundaram, thus rendering peace to the hamlet.

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