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  • 08 Oct 2011

Sathurangam is a 2011 Tamil political drama film directed by Karu Pazhaniappan, starring Srikanth and Sonia Agarwal. The film's background score was composed by Vidyasagar, and his soundtrack was released in 2010 The project was revived in September 2011, and released on 7 October 2011. Srikanth's character in the film is named after Thirupathisamy, the late director of the films Azad and Narasimha, who was Karu Pazhaniappan's close friend




  • Status Released
  • Release date 08 Oct 2011


Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2011
Best Lyricist


Thirupathisamy aka Thiru (Srikanth) is an investigative journalist working for a Tamil magazine. He fearlessly brings out the issues in the prevailing political system which earns him many enemies. Thiru falls in love with Sandhya (Sonia Agarwal), a college student. Thiru, in one of his articles, writes about the problems faced by prisoners following which the SP Rajan (Ganesh Yadav) gets suspended. He also writes about the corruption of an IAS officer leading to his transfer and about the real estate mafia run by an influential man Singaperumal. (Mahadevan).

One day, Sandhya gets kidnapped and Thiru gets a threatening call. But Thiru is unable to trace the culprit as he has so many enemies. Initially, he suspects Singaperumal but later finds that Rajan was the man behind the kidnap. Thiru flashes Sandhya's pictures in the magazines and finds out that Rajan has planned to sell her to a brothel in Dubai. Thiru rushes to the railway station where Sandhya is present. He fights against Rajan and kills him. Singaperumal comes to the spot and helps Thiru escape. Finally, Thiru and Sandhya are united.

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