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  • 30 Nov 2012
  • 2h 30m
  • Drama
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Neerparavai is a drama film written and directed by Seenu Ramasamy and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin. It stars Vishnu and Sunaina, and Nandita Das. Saranya Ponvannan, Samuthirakani, Varsha Ashwathi, and Anupama Kumar play supporting roles. The music is composed by N. R. Raghunanthan with cinematography by Balasubramaniem and editing by Kasi Viswanathan.

The film released on 30 November 2012 to positive reviews from critics and did well at the box-office.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 30 Nov 2012
  • Running time 2h 30m
  • Genres Drama


The film is introduced when an old lady's (Nandita Das) son and daughter-in-law come to stay in her house, where she is solitary. The son asks his mother to sell off the house in that coastal village, so that he can build a house in the city with Aid of his father in law. but the old lady refuses to sell the house. Every often, the son and daughter-in-law notice that the lady goes to the beach, and prays in the garden every night. When they ask her why she is going to the beach, she says that she is waiting for her husband to come. The son gets angry and says because she has been waiting for 25 years, he is not going to come. Whilst the mother goes to the beach, the couple digs where she is praying and finds a skeleton. They report this to the police, and the case is handled by Inspector Agnes (Varsha Ashwathi), who begins interrogating the old lady. The old lady tells her past.

Arulappasamy (Vishnu) is a young man who is an alcoholic and wastrel and also a constant embarrassment to his hardworking adopted parents. Esther (Sunaina) is an orphan girl who is adopted by a nun named Sister Benita (Anupama Kumar), and she stays in the church. Arulappan slowly gets attracted to Esther, and his love for her changes him. He gives up drinking and wants to work so that he can marry Esther. However, the local fishermen do not allow him to go into the sea. The young man, due to his determination, buys a boat, marries his love, and life is all rosy until fate intervenes.

The married couple has a son. One day, Arulappan goes to fish, but after several days, he does not return. Esther is really worried about him. They find his body in a boat shot and bring him home. Esther says to keep him in the house, and it was all her fault because she is the one who sent him to work. The police releases the old lady but asks why she waits for her husband to come if she knows that he is dead. She says that only his body returned to shore, but his soul is still in the sea.


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