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Naan Sigappu Manithan

  • 11 Apr 2014
  • 2h 29m
  • Action, Crime, Drama
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Naan Sigappu Manithan is a 2014 Tamil action thriller film directed by Thiru and produced by UTV Motion Pictures. Co-produced by Vishal, the film stars himself in the leading role with Lakshmi Menon and Iniya in supporting roles, while G. V. Prakash Kumar composed the film's music. The film deals with narcolepsy. It was released on 11 April 2014. It is dubbed into Hindi as Pyaar Reloaded and also in Telugu as Indhrudu. The movie was remade in Odia in 2017 as Shiva Not Out. The movie was declared as commercial success.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 11 Apr 2014
  • Running time 2h 29m
  • Genres Action, Crime, Drama


In the middle of the night, Indhiran, accompanied by his friends Sathish and Karuna, purchase a gun illegally from a local gangster. Back home, Indhiran stares at his wish list and recalls his past.

Past: Since childhood, Indhiran has been suffering from narcolepsy, a rare disorder, which makes him fall asleep whenever his emotions reach an extreme level and hinders him from living an ordinary life. He needs to be accompanied all the time. Companies hesitate to hire him, although he has excelled in academics, and he cannot impregnate women since he falls asleep during sex.

However, he can still hear whatever is being said while he sleeps. Indhiran creates a bucket list with goals that he wants to achieve on his own. One day, he ventures out alone, which was one of his goals. When he is almost hit by a vehicle while crossing the road, his fear mounts, and he falls asleep in the middle of the road. A passerby makes him pose as an orphaned corpse and gathers money from onlookers for his burial. Meera, who passes by, takes pity and shells out almost five grands.

She later meets Indhiran in a shopping mall and falls unconscious upon seeing him alive. After clearing the misunderstanding, they start dating and fall for each other. Meera makes one of Indhiran's dreams come true (i.e. getting a kiss from a beautiful woman by kissing him), but her father opposes their marriage as Indhiran cannot give birth to a child. Meera urges Indhiran to find a way how he could stay awake. It dawns on Indhiran that he had never fallen asleep while taking a shower.

Believing that her father will accept Indhiran only when his potency is proved, Meera and Indhiran have sex underwater in their pool, resulting in Meera becoming pregnant. On a late-night drive, Meera and Indhiran find themselves in an under-construction bridge. Their car is hit by another, and the shock makes Indhiran doze and Meera is attacked and raped by 4 unknown thugs. Indiran can hear the entire incident but remains asleep, and sheds a tear for being helpless. Meera falls into a coma, and her child is aborted. A heartbroken Indhiran vows to exact revenge on the perpetrators.

Present: Deciding to venge all by himself, Indhiran fails to testify to the police. He begins to question people who knew Meera. Inquiring Meera's friends, Indhiran first suspects Karthik, a rich but ill-mannered guy whose marriage proposal was rejected by Meera. Indhiran confronts him, but he denies any knowledge about the incident, even offering to help Indhiran if required.

Indhiran realises that the sound of the sudden obstacles make him sleep. To prevent this, he buys a portable audio player and uses it with full volume. A transform explosion right next him has no effect on him because of the music and thus he realises his newfound advantage. He also resorts to meditation teacher who teaches him about staying calm and being immune to shock by expecting the event before hand. He stays awake a full night and tries to control his sleep by standing between two loud trains with the audio player playing at full volume. After obtaining control, Indhiran gets information from a sympathetic police officer regarding attack cases to find a lead.

Indhiran remembers that one of the thugs's name Sekhar, and Sekhar's ringtone, while the police finds out that the offenders rode a red car. Indhiran stumbles upon a red car in a petrol bunk and inquires the driver, who claims that the car was with a mechanic named Sekhar on the day the crime took place. At the workshop, he spots the mechanic who tries to abscond, recognizing Indhiran, and a chase ensues, leading them to a building under construction. Informed by Sathish, Karuna arrives there and kills Sekhar. He then slits himself to convince Indhiran that he was assaulted by Sekhar who the escaped the scene. He is then admitted for treatment. Karuna then recollects.

Past: Married to Karuna for two years, Kavitha was dissatisfied with her drunkard husband; she begins an affair with Aravind, a rich friend of Karuna. He spends a lot of money on buying her expensive gifts. Indhiran gains knowledge of this and advises Kavitha against it. It turns out that Karuna, to realize his ambitions of running a business in the US, had been using his wife to manipulate Aravind.

Citing Indhiran's confrontation, Kavitha bluffed to Aravind that if Karuna learns of the affair, he would kill them both. She suggested that the only way to solve it once and for all is to arrange the amount of ₹ 20 million that Karuna needs to settle in the states. With him gone, they could enjoy being together. Aravind agreed to finance Karuna out of his lust for her.

Later, when Karuna and Kavitha are celebrating their success, Indhiran drops by unexpectedly. They mess up; Indhiran suspects them and informs Aravind, who confronts the couple. When Aravind realizes that he had been cheated, he hits Kavitha in a fit of rage, and she dies after the hit lands her head on the corner of a cupboard. Infuriated, Karuna retaliates and kills Aravind. Karuna arranges for disposing of them with the help of the thugs and lies to Indhiran that Kavitha has eloped with Aravind. Since he assumed that Indhiran was responsible for Kavitha's death, Karuna had planned to take vengeance by making him suffer the same way and requested the thugs to attack and rape Meera.

Present: The remaining thugs insist Karuna to bring Indhiran to the same place where Sekhar was killed. Finding out that it was Karuna who had killed Sekhar, they beat him up. When Indhiran arrives, The thugs removes the audio player from Indhiran, who gets an adrenaline rush and dozes off. While the thugs are thrashing him, one of them breaks a water pump, which splashes water all over and awakens Indhiran, who kills them all, except Karuna.

Indhiran tells that he had seen Karuna killing Sekhar. When Indhiran questions Karuna as to why he sent thugs to attack Meera, Karuna angrily tells him that it was revenge for Kavitha's death, which was caused by Indhiran telling Aravind the truth. Karuna angrily attacks Indhiran and Indhiran retaliates back, hitting Karuna violently.

Despite feeling bad for his friend and hesitant to kill him due to their close friendship, he remembers Meera and kicks Karuna into a steel bar, killing him. With all his wishes fulfilled, Indhiran has a new wish that he would make Meera recover soon. The final scene shows Indhiran hugging Meera, who is tearful hearing him, which shows that she is definitely recovering.


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