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  • 27 Jun 2014
  • 2h 0m
  • Drama, Family
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Saivam is a 2014 Tamil drama film written, directed and produced by A. L. Vijay. The film features Nassar in the lead role and child actress Sara Arjun plays another pivotal role, while the director's regular crew of cinematographer Nirav Shah and composer G. V. Prakash Kumar also worked on the project. The film was released on 6 June 2014. The film was remade in Telugu as Dagudumootha Dandakor.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 27 Jun 2014
  • Running time 2h 0m
  • Genres Drama, Family


National Film Awards - 2014
Song: Azhagu
Na. Muthukumar
Best Lyricist
National Film Awards - 2014
Uthara Unnikrishnan
Best Playback Singer (Female)


Kathiresan is the head of a large family which consists of three sons and a daughter and their respective families. The families get together at the house for vacation. When the entire family goes to their temple on a given day, certain ill-fated events occur. The family believes that it is because it had forgotten to perform a ritual sacrifice which involves the slaughter of a rooster. This thought is fueled all the more by each family member blaming this to be the cause for all their problems both at home and at work. Kathiresan decides to sacrifice Paappa, their pet rooster, in the upcoming festival, and the family is assured that all their problems will disappear eventually after the ritual. Then, suddenly, Paappa goes missing.

The members of the family are shocked at Paappa's disappearance and begin searching for it. It is revealed out that Kathiresan's granddaughter Tamizhselvi hid Paappa in the attic in order to save it from getting slaughtered, as she loves Paappa so much that she cannot stand to see it die. The rest of the story revolves around Tamizhselvi's attempts to save Paappa from being slaughtered and the family's attempts to find the rooster and performing the ritual.

Ultimately she convinces everyone not to kill Paappa, as God if he care for one species should care for others too. In the end, everyone realises the truth and turn vegetarian indicating that they wouldn't harm any species.


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