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  • 25 Dec 2014
  • 2h 36m
  • Comedy, Romance
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Kappal is a 2014 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Karthik G. Krish, a former assistant of Shankar. Produced by I Studios Entertainment, the film features Vaibhav and Sonam Bajwa in the lead roles, while Arjunan, Karunakaran, Venkat Sundar, VTV Ganesh, Robo Shankar, and Karthik Priyadarshan appear in supporting roles. The film was released by Shankar's S Pictures on 25 December 2014. The movie had a dubbed Telugu release, titled Pandavulu Okkadu





  • Status Released
  • Release date 25 Dec 2014
  • Running time 2h 36m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance


The story starts with Vasu (Vaibhav) narrating his story from childhood. He has four close friends: Kanagasabhapathi (Karunakaran), Kalyanasundaram (Arjunan ), Pattabi (Venkat Sundar), and Venky (Karthik Priyadarshan). The five friends worship Seenu Anna (Robo Shankar) for his dedication to friendship, and one day, he advises to them that marriage will spoil friendship.

All the friends take this seriously, except for Vasu, who has a liking for girls, and he is forced to promise not to marry lifelong along with his friends. After failing many attempts of falling in love at school and college (his friends spread rumors that he is gay), he decides to leave to Chennai so that he would get an opportunity to love a girl. He stays with Nelson (VTV Ganesh), who has affairs with many rich and beautiful girls. Nelson persuades Vasu to trap a rich girl, citing that middle-class and college girls will have bigger competition and high expectations, but rich girls have very less expectations, and many guys do not try to date them, assuming that it is impossible to woo them. He hands the pub membership card to Vasu so that he can get to see many rich girls.

During a visit to the pub, arrives Deepika (Sonam Bajwa) in an Audi car with a male friend, who collapses due to excess drinking. Vasu falls in love with her instantly, helps her lift the friend, accompanies her to the pub, and befriends her. However, when he visits her home the next day, she is unable to recall about him since she was drunk the previous night and rejects his love advances. After all the cop thrashing and goons threatening, Deepika falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, Vasu's friends come to know about his love affair and threaten him to break up with her, but when he acts as if he is committing suicide, they act as if they accept his love but plan to irritate Deepika and break their love. Deepika gets annoyed by their behavior. Soon, the four friends manage to create a rift between both of them, and the duo gets separated. Deepika gets depressed and decides to marry a family friend (Steeve Vatz) who keeps proposing to her from the beginning. Vasu feels depressed after the breakup, and his friends decide that the only way they can see their friend happy is to patch him up with his lady love, and they plot many master plans to stop the wedding. Soon, it is stopped.

Deepika then marries Vasu, and they lead a happy life. Vasu also keeps in touch with his friends forever.


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