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  • 11 Sep 2015
  • 2h 27m
  • Action, Comedy
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Yatchan is a 2015 Indian Tamil action comedy film co written, co-produced and directed by Vishnuvardhan. The film was produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur under UTV Motion Pictures. The film features Arya, Kreshna, Swati Reddy, and Deepa Sannidhi in the lead roles, while Adil Hussain, RJ Balaji, Thambi Ramaiah, and Ponvannan play supporting roles. The music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja with cinematography by Om Prakash and editing by Sreekar Prasad. The film released on 11 September 2015 to mixed reviews from critics, and it was an average movie at the box office.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 11 Sep 2015
  • Running time 2h 27m
  • Genres Action, Comedy


Arya, Krishna, Deepa Sannidhi, Swathi Reddy
Vishnuvardhan, Vishnuvardhan

"Thoothukudi" Chinna (Arya) is a hooligan who is an ardent fan of Ajith Kumar and dreams to act with him one day. One day, he gets a call from Thangamani aka Sotta Mani (Thambi Ramaiah) to finish off Shwetha (Deepa Sannidhi), who can see the future after an incident when she was young.

On the other hand, "Pazhani" Karthik (Krishna) wants to become an actor and loves Deepa (Swathi Reddy), who supports his idea. However, his father (Azhagam Perumal) does not want him to become one.

Eventually, Chinna and Karthik swap places just by getting into the wrong car. Chinna gets to act in a movie directed by S. J. Surya, in which he had chosen to introduce Karthik as a debutant. Now left with no choice, he chooses to introduce Chinna. The same happens to Karthik, who now has to do Chinna's job.

Meanwhile, Shwetha comes across a politician named Vetri (Adil Hussain). She heard that rumours were going on that Vetri killed his brother Selvam (Adil Hussain). She did not suspect that was what happened until she touched his hand and realized that he actually did. One day, a few men come to attack Shwetha, but she is saved by Karthik. At that moment, a police officer named Devaraj (Ajay Rathnam) investigates. After realizing Shwetha's ability, Vetri kidnaps her, Karthik, and Chinna. Soon, Durai (Ponvannan) asks Vetri what is the difference between him and Selvam as he explains that Vetri is doing this just for an MLA post. Vetri says that there is no difference and reveals that he is Selvam and that it was Vetri that died. Selvam explains that he was unhappy with his popularity, and jealous of his brother's. Devaraj also sided with him and covered the murder until Shwetha found out.

Somehow, Chinna and Karthik fight with Selvam. They manage to defeat and then bury him. The movie ends with the two of them going back to their own ways and with Karthik having a conversation with director Vishnuvardhan about another film.


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