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  • 10 Nov 2015
  • 2h 28m
  • Action, Drama
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 10 Nov 2015
  • Running time 2h 28m
  • Genres Action, Drama


Ganesh arrives at Kolkata with his sister Thamizh to enroll her in an arts college, where he becomes friends with "Kolkata" Kaali, who escorts Ganesh and Tamizh to their new house. After enrolling Thamizh, Ganesh works at a taxi company under his boss Laxmidas. He gets his first customer: Swetha, who makes Ganesh pose as a fake mute eyewitness in a case, and is fired when Ganesh talks in front of everyone. Swetha tries to kill Ganesh, but Laxmidas saves him, though he ends up being embarrassed by Ganesh. Shwetha and Laxmidas teams up to take revenge on Ganesh, but she falls for Ganesh afterwards. Meanwhile, Ganesh arranges Tamizh's marriage with Swetha's brother Arjun.

Ganesh and the other drivers are called in by the DCP Yashpal and asked to report any activities by the crime syndicate members who have been causing trouble in the city. Ganesh reports a case of arms trafficking, which leads to Aniket and his men capturing him. Aniket orders his men to kill Ganesh, but are instead killed by Ganesh. Learning the death of his brother, Abhinay reaches India and investigates the murder the next day. He and his technical crew track Ganesh's mobile signal to their own building. Ganesh enters the building and ambushes the entire squad and kills Abhinay. Swetha follows Ganesh and is horrified by his actions, where she proceeds to stop the marriage between Arjun and Thamizh, but Ganesh reveals that Thamizh is not his biological sister.

Ganesh reveals his real name as Vedalam, a mercenary-for-hire who was stabbed by his enemies, but was rescued by Thamizh, where she admitted him into the hospital, lying that she is his sister to get him through. Thamizh and her blind parents were threatened to sell their house for a company site, where she and her friend Ester hire Vedalam, who betrayed them having being paid earlier, and the family left their home and started living in Vedalam's home. However, Thamizh and her parents left after Vedalam had saved Thamizh and the other girls from being trafficked by the syndicate. The syndicate find them vulnerable on the streets and killed Thamizh's parents and injure her. Vedalam rescued Thamizh (who loses her memory) and stated that he is her brother and took care of her.

After narrating the events, Ganesh/Vedalam tells Swetha not to reveal this to Thamizh, where Shwetha accepts Thamizh's marriage. After learning his brothers death, Rahul uses an injured victim of Ganesh/Vedalam's assault to find his brother's killer. Rahul coincidentally hires Thamizh to draw a forensic sketch. Ganesh/Vedalam comes prepared and takes one of Rahul's henchman's son hostage to ensure Thamizh's freedom. Rahul abducts Thamizh and Ganesh/Vedalam chases after him. Ganesh/Vedalam and Rahul fight and when an anguished Thamizh urges to shoot Rahul, Ganesh/Vedalam picks up the gun and shoots in the wrong direction for distracting Thamizh and shoots Rahul. Ganesh/Vedalam rescues Thamizh, who gets happily married to Arjun.


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