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  • 03 May 2019
  • 1h 43m
  • Action, Drama, Mystery
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K-13 also spelled as K13 is a 2019 Indian Tamil psychological mystery action thriller film written and directed by Barath Neelakantan on his directorial debut. The film stars Arulnithi and Shraddha Srinath in the lead roles while Yogi Babu plays supportive role. Sam C. S. has been roped in as music composer for the film replacing initially speculated music director turned actor Darbuka Siva due to the latter's acting and directorial commitments and aspirations. The film was released in May 2019 to positive reviews.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 03 May 2019
  • Running time 1h 43m
  • Genres Action, Drama, Mystery


Arulnithi, Shraddha Srinath, Yogi Babu, Ramesh Thilak, Madhumitha
Action, Drama, Mystery

Madhiazhagan, a dejected aspirant filmmaker, finds himself in trouble when he wakes up to find that Malarvizhi, with whom he spent some time the last night, has been killed at her room. Quite distressed with seeing himself tied to a chair and the girl with her veins brutally cut, Madhi tries to recollect how he met Malar the last night at a pub while he was drunk. After regaining some consciousness, he starts searching her room as he was desperate to know more about her. He also realizes the importance of clearing off the evidence regarding his presence in the room and starts acting accordingly. Meanwhile, he happens to listen to the conversations of neighboring flat mates with police officials that the CCTV camera was damaged which covered the parking area and lobby, especially for the K-13 flat. The police grow suspicious and asks to open the door for the flat. Since Malar's phone is switched off, they call her roommate Pavithra to give the keys. Therefore, Madhi tries to escape through the bathroom door to the terrace, and when he reaches the terrace, he hears the conversation of the police that they could not get inside the house and wanted to go to the terrace and checkout. So Mathi renters the flat through the same bathroom door and hides there. He started to search for who she is and he finds that she is a writer and wrote the story of her friend (gave birth through artificial insemination since her husband cannot get pregnant). Pavithra's husband got angry and left Pavithra in a miserable state. Pavithra curses Malar for her state, and Mathi also discovers that Malar is not some girl he randomly met at the bar. She had been following him for a brief period, so he realizes that she planned all of this suicide to inspire him for the story of his film. He recollects that she broke the CCTV as she was concerned about his safety. So Mathi promises to escape and takes her story as film. This time, the electricity gets cut for the entire flat, but Mathi manages to leave the flat. The scene then shrink into a screen that everything we watched until now is a movie directed by Dilip, which is a blockbuster. The producer calls him for the success party of the film, where he meets the heroine (Malarvizhi). He leaves the success party early to his flat, which is later revealed that he wrote the story inspired from the murder he did the same way as Malar killed herself.

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