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  • 09 May 2019
  • 2h 21m
  • Action
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100 is an Indian Tamil action film written and directed by Sam Anton.The film features Atharvaa and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles, while Yogi Babu portrays a supporting role. The film began production during December 2017 and completed its shoot by August 2018.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 09 May 2019
  • Running time 2h 21m
  • Genres Action


Atharvaa, Hansika Motwani, Yogi Babu, Radha Ravi, Mime Gopi, Aadukalam Naren

Sathya is a youngster, who wants to become a cop hoping that his life will become adventurous by chasing and solving mysteries like his childhood friend Anwar. However, contrary to his expectations, he gets posted in a control room as an emergency call operator, where he is mentored by Pistol Perumal. Sathya requests to have his department changed, but his request fall on deaf ears. Sathya's girlfriend Nisha has a brother Vicky who is in relationship with Anwar's sister, Ayesha. Initially, Sathya thinks that his job is mundane as Nisha's, who works in a call center. Disturbed due to a misunderstanding with Anwar, Sathya misses a call, which turns out to be from the mother of a boy who was kidnapped. Sathya deduces that the boy is kept hostage in a train, and with Perumal's help manages to nab the kidnappers and reunites the boy with his parents, without anyone's knowledge.

Perumal believes that the 100th call will change the operator's lives. Sathya doesn't believe until his 100th call turns out to be from Sandhya, who was presumed dead earlier. Using his wits, Sathya manages to save Sandhya from the clutches of the kidnappers and hands over Sandhya and the kidnappers to Anwar to preserve his anonymity. However, Sathya doesn't find any news pertaining to Sandhya's return. Disturbed, he reaches out to Anwar, who refuses to acknowledge that Sathya handed over Sandhya to him. Deducing that Anwar is involved in the kidnapping, Sathya convinces Perumal, to help him crack the case where he brings the rogue, who had confessed earlier that he killed Sandhya into questioning. The rogue was released within a year of Sandhya's supposed murder since he was a minor. Sathya gets him beaten by Sandhya's boyfriend Harish and the rogue confesses that he is under the payroll of Das, who runs a drug cartel business in the city.

One of Das's men asked the rogue to take the blame for the murder promising him ₹1.5 crore (US$190,000). Sathya sneaks into Das's hideout, where he finds out that the actual mastermind is Das's associate David. David runs a business of supplying girls to millionaires and also fakes the girls's murder in order to divert the investigation. Sathya arrests David and leaves to rescue Sandhya, but David gets killed by a helmeted assassin. Sathya asks Perumal to nab the assassin, with the help of the traffic CCTV and the assassin is revealed to be Anwar. Upon questioning, Anwar confesses that he had no knowledge of the trafficking business, but had to shoot David since Ayesha was kidnapped by the mastermind (Ayesha had eloped with Vicky fearing that Anwar wouldn't accept their relationship) and was also instructed to kill Sathya, but couldn't bring himself to shoot him. Feeling guilty, Anwar requests Sathya to save Ayesha and commits suicide.

Distraught at Anwar's death, Sathya is informed that Vicky was thrashed by the mastermind and is in the hospital. When he reaches the hospital to meet Vicky, he gets a call from the kidnappers asking him to come to a secluded location to save Ayesha. Upon reaching there he finds out that the kidnappers have left Sandhya there instead of Ayesha. Perumal traces the kidnappers's phone to the hospital where Vicky is admitted and launches a police team to surround the hospital immediately. Sandhya reveals that Vicky is the mastermind of the trafficking business, who had joined David and kidnapped 12 girls in total. Vicky escapes from the hospital after creating a ruckus and calls Sathya to deliver Sandhya to a particular location, in exchange for Ayesha's life.

Vicky forces Sathya to stay on the call to prevent him from contacting the police, but Sathya writes the word HELP on his car's windshield, through which Perumal managed to dispatch help to him. Realizing that Sandhya is bugged, Sathya asks the team to proceed with Sandhya to the location while Perumal relayed Vicky's location to Sathya through another officer's phone. Sathya manages to catch up to Vicky, where he trashes him, along with his henchmen and rescues Ayesha. Sathya asks Perumal to shoot down Vicky to instill fear in the hearts of criminals, who commit heinous crimes against women. Perumal, who had never used a pistol before and had only 5 minutes of service remaining does so, thrilled. Due to his success, Sathya is transferred to the CID, but realizes that he can make a bigger difference by being a call operator, Sathya decides to stick to his current job. Sathya receives a call and walks away to solve a crime.


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