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  • 07 Feb 2020
  • 2h 3m
  • Action, Drama
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Seeru is a 2020 Indian Tamil action film written and directed by Rathina Shiva. The film stars Jiiva, Riya Suman, Gayathri Krishnaa and Navdeep in the lead roles, with Varun and Sathish in supportive roles. D. Imman composes music for the film and the film is bankrolled by Ishari K. Ganesh under his production studio Vels Film International.






  • Status Released
  • Release date 07 Feb 2020
  • Running time 2h 3m
  • Genres Action, Drama


The film starts off with two girls driving on the road when they are stopped by two policemen, who proceed to attempt to rape them. One of the girls sends a voice message in a WhatsApp group telling their situation. Manimaran (Jiiva) hears the message and rescues them. He is from a neighbouring place called Mayavaram where he runs a local TV channel called Kokkarako TV. This is opposed by the MLA (R. N. R. Manohar), who keeps getting outsmarted by Maran. Exasperated, he pays a local goon named Vyasarpadi Malli (Varun) to kill him. Malli reaches Maran's home, where his pregnant sister Ilakkiya (Gayathri Krishnaa) goes into labour.

Malli takes Ilakkiya to the hospital and admits her while providing her blood. Maran reaches the hospital and finds that his sister is out of danger and has given birth to a boy. Ilakkiya asks Maran to find the person who saved her and to bring him to her so that she can properly thank him. Maran finds out that the person was Malli, who had threatened to kill him. Maran keeps calling him, asking to meet him. Eventually, he finds Malli on the verge of death being backstabbed by his own henchmen. Maran beats up the henchmen who were nearby and admits Malli into Laksha Hospitals. It turns out that Malli's henchmen were ordered to torture Malli by Ashok Mithran (Navdeep), a leading advocate who was stabbed in court and who wants to know who stabbed him. He planned to torture Malli since he knows who did it. Mithran sends more goons to all hospitals, where Maran beats them up and admits them in Aruna Hospitals. Mithran deduces that Malli is in Laksha Hospitals and sends some goons there as well. Maran uses a walkie-talkie that a police officer left in a restaurant in a hurry, masquerading as a police officer. He eventually goes with the goons, who are instructed by Mithran to stand near a phone booth where Malli was last contacted. A girl contacts Malli's phone, which is tracked by Mithran, and he instructs his henchmen to kill her. Simultaneously, the MLA sends a photo of Maran to the henchmen who he is with. A fight breaks out between Maran and the goons where Maran emerges victorious. He saves the girls, who narrate their story to him.

The state topper of their village is Pavithra, who was close friends with the girls. She is interviewed by the press, where she announces that she wants to become a lawyer and eradicate all wrongs in the law system. At the behest of a reporter, she names some cases, which are headed by Mithran, that she will take into account. She further insults Mithran on live television, causing him to get enraged. He sponsors many items to her, including theme park tickets. She is then killed by Mithran there, who then forces her grandfather to state that she was killed by a fall from the Ferris wheel. This enrages her friends who disguise themselves as lawyers and stab Mithran in court and are seen by Malli, who lets them go. They contact him and narrate their story and he agrees to help them before he is tortured by his own henchmen.

Maran is moved by the story and offers to help them, but he is arrested by the police for stealing the walkie-talkie. However, he is let go when it is revealed that the girl he had saved at the beginning of the film is the officer's Wife. He then goes to save the girls who were taken to Mithran. A fight between the two breaks out, where Maran defeats Mithran and lets the girls finish him. The film ends with Malli meeting Maran's sister and Maran's girlfriend Vasuki (Riya Suman).


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