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Kumari Pennin Ullathile

  • 1980




  • Status Released
  • Release date 1980


The film begins with an unconscious and wounded Kannan (Chandrahassan Jayaprakash) at the Suryalanka Beach being saved by a young woman.

In the past, Kannan was a twelfth grade student, he lived with his mother Lakshmi (Babilona) and his stepfather Karthikeyan (Ajay Rathnam) he couldn't stand. Kannan fell in love with his collegemate Priya (Sippy) who was an orphan and also a housemaid. Paramasivam (S. Kishore), a corrupt police officer and an encounter specialist, formed his own kangaroo court and had a strong link with criminals. He then got transferred to Chennai and returned home to his family: his wife Sumithra (Meera Vasudevan) and his little son. Paramasivam fell under the spell of the young Priya who lived with them. One night, he tried to rape Priya in his house but she managed to escape. Priya bumped into Kannan and Kannan brutally wounded Paramasivam in his left eye. Paramasivam's henchmen then attacked Kannan and the lovers got separated.

Back to the present, Kannan finally finds Priya in a remote place. Without a place to stay and without money, they are accommodated by an old couple (Nassar and Seetha) who had lost their only daughter many years ago. Meanwhile, an enraged Paramasivam, who had lost sight in his left eye, tracks them down in a remote forest. Paramasivam pushes Kannan off a cliff and he forcefully rapes Priya. A vengeful Priya then plucks out Paramasivam's right eye thus killing him. Kannan who survived the fall returns to his lover.

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