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  • 14 Apr 1982
  • 2h 13m
  • Action, Drama
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Apr 1982
  • Running time 2h 13m
  • Genres Action, Drama


Ranganathan is a young man who lost his sister Laksmi in childhood and has come to the city searching for work suitable for his graduation. There, he meets Raju, a thief. Ranga advises Raju to give up his life of crime and be a good man, whilst Raju simultaneously advises Ranga to turn to crime. After going their separate ways, both men end up taking each other's advice and change, Raju turning over a new leaf and Ranga going the other way and becoming a hit man for hire.

Laksmi is now married to a wealthy man and with a child called Suresh. Raju, who had changed comes across Suresh and saves him from a local thug. Laksmi decides to keep Raju as a guardian for Suresh to keep him safe from danger. Ranga has taken a contract from Ganga (Raadhika) to collect money from the local gang leader Ravi. However, Ravi invites Ranga to join his gang, which is declined by Ranga, who states that he does not work for any gang, but is ready to do anything given enough money.

Ranga's first assignment with Ravi is to kidnap Suresh so they can threaten his parents for money. Ranga kidnaps Suresh, who is then saved by Raju. Raju does not know that it is Ranga who came to kidnap Suresh as Ranga was in disguise. Ranga realises it was Raju and he comes to meet Raju. Raju's joy knows no bounds as he meets Ranga and tells him that he works as a guardian for Suresh. Raju also introduces Laksmi to Ranga. Not knowing that Ranga is her brother and a hit man, she agrees to keep Ranga as another guardian for Suresh. Ranga reveals his true nature to Raju that he is the one who attempted to kidnap Suresh. Raju advises Ranga to give up his criminal life and be loyal to Laksmi. Ranga however is determined to kidnap Suresh and also challenges Raju, that he will chase him out and finish his task, which he does. But Ravi double crosses Ranga and reveals to him that Laksmi is his sister. Ranga is caught by Ravi's thugs, but Raju comes to the rescue and saves Ranga. Ravi is thrown in jail, Ranga reunites with his sister and he, Ganga and Raju all lead a happy life.

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