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Naan Paadum Paadal

  • 13 Apr 1984
  • 0m
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 13 Apr 1984
  • Running time 0m


Gowri (Ambika) is a widowed school teacher who lives with her in-laws. Subramani (Sivakumar) moves into the same housing complex to stay with his nephew Selvam (Pandiyan) while he writes his newest novel. He writes under the name CRS and happens to be Gowri's favourite author though she is unaware of his identity. Due to some general misunderstandings, she is initially suspicious of Subramani. On the other hand, he finds Gowri to be intriguing and learns about her past. She was a singer who had fallen in love with a doctor, Anand (Mohan). With both families' approval, they marry but Anand dies in an accident three days after the wedding. Heartbroken, she gives up singing and has found solace with Anand's family, reading CRS' novels and in teaching children. Gowri soon learns that Subramani is CRS and melts considerably towards him. She sees him as a friend and is often protective of him. Her family notice this change in behaviour and begin to consider the possibility of her marrying Subramani. He is also interested in marrying her but is unsure of her decision. Ultimately, Gowri must decide on which path to continue her life.

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