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  • 30 Aug 1985
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 30 Aug 1985
  • Running time 0m


Velan (Vijayakanth), a tribal hunter, living in a forest, highlighting his tragic love story with Valli (Viji). Police inspector Prasad (Vishnuvardhan) battles bravely to capture a criminal gang that is responsible for making adulterated medicines that cause the death of many children, but he is instructed by corrupt politicians to set them free without any punishment. Vexed with the rampant corruption in the Indian system, Prasad goes to his girlfriend Lalitha's house (Nalini), and learns about Velan and Valli from the forests of Thaalla Malai. Velan is a talented hunter. The touching narration follows the love story of Velan and Valli, delving into the culture and tradition of the tribal communities living in the forests and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing society. Then, in a tragic incident, Valli is raped by the arrogant son Sathyam (Sathyaraj) of a wealthy estate owner and his friends, causing her to commit suicide. Following Valli's final wish Velan makes it his life's mission to murder the three men responsible for her death. Will Velan succeed in his task? Will Inspector Prasad succeed in capturing Velan before he is able to complete his mission? Will the rapists be brought to justice? How will Velan's future unfold?

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