Nermai poster


  • 03 May 1985
  • 2h 30m




  • Status Released
  • Release date 03 May 1985
  • Running time 2h 30m


Gowrishankar is an Economics professor at a college where his younger sister Radha and the spoiled Raja are students. Raja's father Jaikumar is a smuggler that wants his son to lead a virtuous life away from crime. Raja, however, happily uses his father's wealth as a shield to act out at college and has several run-ins with Radha. A desperate Jaikumar appeals to Gowrishankar to help put Raja on the right path and the professor agrees. Raja is ungrateful and conspires to have Gowrishankar fired but soon realizes the errors of his ways. He becomes a model student and falls in love with Radha. Jaikumar is elated and attempts to move away from his own illegal activities. This worries his partners, Seetharam and Pappa Naidu. They seek to protect themselves and set up several plots to neutralize Gowrishankar. Raja and Gowrishankar work together to protect their loved ones and stop the evil men.

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