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Amman Kovil Kizhakale

  • 24 Apr 1986
  • 2h 21m
  • Drama
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Chinnamani lives in a village along with his father and his friends. Chinnamani sings well and always performs during the village temple festivals. Kanmani is a wealthy girl, and the only daughter of the village panchayat board president, who is arrogant. Kanmani, who boasts of being rich enters into clashes with Chinnamani and she decides to take revenge on Chinnamani as Chinnamani does not respect her. She decides to learn music from Chinnamani and also pretends to love him and embarrasses him in front of everyone, which angers Chinnamani.She also breaks his Harmonium for which in anger, he breaks Kanmani's car. Kanmani beats Chinnamani with whip as it was decided by the panchayat for punishing Chinnamani. Angered, Chinnamani marries Kanmani by tying the thaali around her neck immediately without her consent. Kanmani's mother tells the truth to Kanmani about Chinnamani.

Actually Chinnamani is the son of Srividya's elder brother, who is a wealthy man. Ravichandran worked under Vinu Chakravarthy and Srividya loved him. But Ravichandran takes all the properties from Vinu Chakravarthy after marrying his sister and sends him out of town. Also, Kanmani is the daughter of Ravichandran's illegitimate relationship with their house maid and Sri Vidya raised her as her own daughter.

Hearing this, Kanmani realises her mistake and decides to live together with Chinnamani, but he does not believe her. Ravichandran decides to kill Chinnamani and sends a few thugs. Finally, Kanmani kills them and goes to jail. She returns after a few years where she finds Chinnamani as mentally disturbed person searching for Kanmani always. She unites with Chinnamani in the end.

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