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Manithanin Marupakkam

  • 25 Jul 1986
  • 2h 2m
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Sujatha joins as a news reporter in a Tamil daily named Dhinakkural. She is assigned to interview Ravi Varma, who has been sentenced to death for the murder of his wife Kala, who is Sujatha's sister. The Supreme Court had sentenced Ravi to death and president also rejected Ravi's appeal. Sujatha covers and publishes the story of Ravi Varma and is well acclaimed and appreciated by owner, her boss, during the official meeting. They were also surprised on a feedback letter that had reached Dhinakkural office regarding the published article.

Ravi Varma is a wealthy man and the owner of an advertising agency. Kala was employed as a clerk in a firm, and is a classical dancer too. Ravi had met Kala during a dance program hosted at the club. He had then proposed with an offer for Kala join his advertising agency as a model, which Kala rejects instantly. However, on losing her job as a clerk and her family (consisting of an ill ridden father, a younger sister and brother) being dependent on her income, she is forced to join Ravi's advertising agency. The advertising agency flourishes well with the utilization of Kala's modelling skills. A carrier oriented Ravi, in order to make Kala stay with his firm always, proposes to Kala and they get register married.

After a week long honeymoon, Ravi force his wife to pose for modelling with a half-dressed costume, which Kala couldn't accept. This leads to indifference in their family life. Once Ravi learns that his wife is pregnant, argument begins again regarding the fatherhood of the conceived child, and Ravi asks his wife to move out of his house. Kala then takes shelter in her friend, Dr. Saradha's house. Divorce was filed by Ravi, and it was granted with the verdict that Ravi needs to compensate his wife and child on a monthly basis until the child becomes youth. A frustrated Ravi visits Kala and tells her that he will pay all the compensation for a single time and brutally murders her with the knife he brought with him.

A day before his scheduled execution, Ravi Varma escapes prison, and accidentally meets Sujatha. He learns that Sujatha and Kala are sisters and informs the truth. Ravi loved Kala a lot and never pressured her for any modelling assignments. Arjun used to blackmail Kala, by showing Kala's nude photographs which he had clicked. Fearing social stigma Kala divorces Ravi unwillingly. Arjun later tries to molest Kala, kills her and flees. Since Ravi was on the murder spot he is taken into custody by the police.

To avenge the same Ravi escapes from the prison and kills Arjun.

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