Mannukkul Vairam poster

Mannukkul Vairam

  • 12 Dec 1986
  • 138 minutes




  • Status Released
  • Release date 12 Dec 1986
  • Running time 138 minutes


Chittu returns to her hometown of Mettupatti after being raised by her grandmother in a neighbouring town. The two most powerful and rich men in town are brothers Thavasi, known as Periyavar, and Virumandi, known as Chinnavar. Periyavar believes in equal justice above all else and is highly respected in the village while Chinnavar believes is his own caste-superiority. Periyavar has a very young grandchild, Chinnathayee, who's been widowed after a child marriage. Chittu's parents, Velappa and Velaiamma, launder the town's clothes. Chittu finds it difficult to adjust to the town's rigid caste hierarchy after being raised with more freedom by her grandmother. She also clashes with her classmate Mayilsamy, Chinnavar's son. He constantly teases and humiliates her due to her caste. Chittu eventually convenes the panjayath to ask for justice and Periyavar punishes Mayilsamy. Chittu intervenes as she's worried his punishment will only breed more resentment and retaliation. In the aftermath of this incident, Mayilsamy realises his errors and soon falls in love with Chittu while Periyavar grows closer to Velappa's family. Chinnavar is incensed by Chittu's arrogance and what he believes is Velappa rising above his station. When Periyavar is called away, Chinnavar, the town's doctor and a few others force Velappa to work during the town's Pongal festival celebrations. Velappa is burned terribly in an accident while he's working. Chittu begs the doctor for help but is rebuffed by him and Chinnavar. Vellappa dies in agony and, in anger, Chittu yells at Chinnavar and his friends for their cruelty. In retaliation, he drives Chittu and Vellamma out of town. Years later, the two women return to the town when Chittu becomes the town's new doctor. Some of the townspeople have changed significantly, however some things are still very much the same. Chittu must face Chinnavar's continued hatred and the ramifications this has on many of those she cares about.

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